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Something to Chew On — Lori Wade

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Over the years, friends have come to me with their dog questions, since I am the “dog person” and since I am constantly learning something new, I created this website. I want to pass along as much information as possible, help rescues find homes, and improve the general welfare of dogs.  My intent is be a valuable source of information to help us help our best friends.

  • 21 Jul Meet a Dog Catcher Who Talks to Animals.

    How many times have you wondered what your dog is thinking?  I have done so many times, so I was excited about the opportunity to interview the legendary Dog Catcher, Pete, who talks to animals.  I first learned about Pete in “Muffy and the Dog......

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  • 04 Jun Anicura Natural Products Nourish Your Dog’s Skin

    Anicura deep cleansing dog shampoo is a natural skin therapy that smells great.  Not only will the shampoo clean up your dirty dog, these products help heal dry, scaly, and itchy skin.  Importantly, Anicura is free of steroids, hormones, cortisones, peroxides, alcohol, parabens, and antibiotics.......

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  • 29 May A Great Opportunity to Teach Kids Responsible Pet Guardianship!

    It is fun, easy, and rewarding!  Fun because you are working with kids, kindergarten to 5th grade.  Easy because it is a simple, yet heartfelt, one hour presentation. Rewarding because it promotes empathy and compassion for animals. Bark Avenue Foundation needs your help in Los......

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  • 15 May Muffy Meets the Medicine Cat

    Muffy’s fun adventures continue in the wonderful children’s trilogy about adorable dogs and their wonderful family.  “Muffy and the Medicine Cat” resonates with love, kindness, and respect for all.  I was given the opportunity to meet Medicine Cat at Dr. Smith’s office in Farmville. It was truly......

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  • 26 Feb What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Choosing a Groomer

    Whether you have a double-coated Labrador, short-haired Pitbull, or silky haired Maltese, it is important to take good care of your dog’s skin and fur.  I talked with expert groomer and stylist, Michelle Roache, of Metro Pet Spa, and received these tips to consider when......

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  • 15 Jan Choose a Doggie Daycare that is Best for You and Your Dog

    You may remember our German Shepherd/Akita mix, Roxy, from a previous article in which I discussed her unwillingness to heel. Lately, I have also been concerned about her barking at and attempting to chase animals we pass during our walks. I quickly realized that the......

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  • Removable cover, Machine washable, air dry
  • Color: Chocolate
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  • Dimensions: 34 inches x 54 inches Weight: 13 pounds
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