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Something to Chew On — Lori Wade

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Over the years, friends have come to me with their dog questions, since I am the “dog person” and I am constantly learning something new, I created this website. I want to pass along as much information as possible, help rescues find homes, and improve the general welfare of dogs.  My intent is be a valuable source of information to help us help our best friends.

  • 05 Aug Guilty or Not Guilty?

    Does your dog feel guilty when she disobeys? Probably not, according to Alexandra Horowitz, dog cognition scientist and author. Yet we have all seen that guilty look, haven’t we? Head down, sad eyes, tail tucked, slinking away. Is that guilt?  Or is it a response......

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  • 25 Feb Tail Wagging Tips – The Microchip

    Your dog should have a registered microchip. Collars and tags are great and necessary; but think of the microchip as a safety net in the event the collar and tags get lost.  The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is......

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  • 21 Jan Tips to Keep your Dog Safe in an Emergency

    I had the pleasure of listening to Debra Jo Chiapuzio, founder of the Emma Zen Foundation, speak about emergency preparedness for our pets.  There are easy steps we can take now to protect our pets.  Here is what I learned. Consistently obeying three commands keeps......

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  • 06 Jan Clean up After your Dog with Earth Friendly Poop Bags from Mynetpets

    It seems for every cup of dog food Orson eats, he poops three cups.  I do not know where it all comes from, but what I do know is we use a lot of poop bags.  When Mynetpets sent me their bags to try, I......

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  • 27 Dec A Book Every Pet Owner Should Read

    Does your dog misbehave?  Mine do, most do, but sometimes behavior problems are serious.  Dr. Nicholas Dodman dedicated his career to discovering the cause of behavioral problems and it may not be what you think.  Dr. Dodman’s illuminating book, “Pets on the Couch: Neurotic Dogs,......

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  • 21 Jul Meet a Dog Catcher Who Talks to Animals

    How many times have you wondered what your dog is thinking?  I have done so many times, so I was excited about the opportunity to interview the legendary Dog Catcher, Pete, who talks to animals.  I first learned about Pete in “Muffy and the Dog......

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