Something to Chew On - Orson

A Dog’s Dictionary

I am pretty sure that dogs have convened and agreed to create their own dictionary.  Orson’s dictionary would probably look something like this.

All gone – this is a trick, there is always more food, never ever stop begging.

Come – determine if there are any treats offered before deciding whether you should move.

Drop  – swallow very quickly. The louder her voice, the faster you need to swallow.

Fetch – trot over to the ball, look at it, smell it, and then walk away.

Go on your bed – lay down on your bed, it is comfortable and always a good time for a nap.

Good dog – duh!

Heal – dash from one smell to the next smell, stop suddenly when spotting another dog, lunge after squirrels and cats.

I love you – I love you.

Something to Chew On

Doc Chewing – photo courtesy of Pixaby

Leave it – grab it and run.  Whenever possible hide until you have the opportunity to fully examine the object.

Move – walk in circles in the same place.

Off – stay put like you are anchored to the core of the earth.

Quiet – whine loudly, do your best to hit the high notes when you whine. 

Sit – this is uncomfortable, so only do it when a treat is offered.

Speak – tilt your head and look questioningly at your person.

Stay – stay in one place as long as a treat is offered, otherwise, do whatever you want to do.

Stop – look at your human until she has stopped paying attention to you then resume your activity.

What is in your dog’s dictionary?  

  • Stephanie Mikhail

    Let’s go: stand at the pantry where she keeps the leash.
    Go outside/ Go downstairs: she’s really upset, run

    June 17, 2019 at 9:29 am