A Great Opportunity to Teach Kids Responsible Pet Guardianship!

It is fun, easy, and rewarding!  Fun because you are working with kids, kindergarten to 5th grade.  Easy because it is a simple, yet heartfelt, one hour presentation. Rewarding because it promotes empathy and compassion for animals. Bark Avenue Foundation needs your help in Los Angeles to make presentations encouraging the humane treatment of our pets.

Volunteers Needed:  Bark Avenue launched its humane education program last year. The Los Angeles School District recently approved the program and requested Bark Avenue teach in 83 elementary schools this summer.  Consequently, Bark Avenue needs volunteers to reach this worthy goal.

It really is fun:  I attended a presentation and the kids were great!  They seemed happy for a break from their usual routine and were attentive. The kids are encouraged to participate, which most do quite enthusiastically.  It is a good energy, which will stay with you for days.

This book is read to the children.

It really is easy:  I know what you are thinking, I cannot teach, I haven’t a clue what to do in front of a classroom of kids. Okay, maybe that is what I was thinking.  I understand it may seem intimidating for some of us, but there is no experience required. It really is a sincere message that is easy to communicate. Bark Avenue is holding training sessions and you would not present alone.  The presentation is one hour, which begins with reading the book, “Love Me Gently – A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend.”  After the book is read there is a discussion about what happens to animals left in a shelter and why it is better to adopt than buy a pet. There is also discussion to encourage loyalty and empathy for pets already in the home and encourage spay and neuter.  Bark Avenue has a fabulous free cost spay and neuter program in certain zip codes.  The goal is to inspire kindness and patience.

It really is rewarding:   I was struck by the urgent need to educate our youth about responsible pet ownership when a co-worker came to me for help about a puppy.  Her granddaughter had begged, pleaded, and bargained for a dog, in the way kids master at an early age, so her Mom (my co-worker’s daughter-in-law) finally gave in and went to a local pet store and bought a puppy.  The puppy was very sick and they returned him to the store.  I was very saddened to learn this and wondered if the granddaughter had been taught about adoption, if she would have insisted on going to a rescue or shelter instead. Humane education will empower kids and they, in turn, can teach their families.  Education is the key and we really can make a difference.  Through the efforts of Bark Avenue we now have this incredible opportunity to reach thousands of kids this summer, but we need your help. Are you in?  Let’s do this together!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact christy@barkavenuefoundation.org.  I am also happy to answer any questions.  I can be reached at lori@somethingtochewon.dog.  Hope to see you in a classroom this summer.  If you are interested, but do not live in Los Angeles, consider volunteering or starting a humane education program in your area.

The following corrections were made since publication.  Bark Avenue’s spay and neuter program is free in certain zip codes.  Also, there is a potential to teach thousands of kids this summer, not just hundreds.

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