Something to Chew On — Lori Wade

I live in Los Angeles, California with my boyfriend, Ernie and our dogs, Xuma and Orson. They are spoiled, and I will admit not always well behaved, but they are loved.  (Unlike Xuma and Orson, Ernie is well behaved.)

Dogs have been my companions for as long as I can remember.  I love them all, big and small, young and old, pure bred or mix.  I started this blog to help us help our best friends.  The more informed and educated we are about the dogs we love, the happier they will be.  And who doesn’t want a happy dog?  This website is intended as an invaluable source of information on everything from care, training, rescues and strays, to puppy mills and humane education.

I cannot imagine life without dogs.  They give so much and ask for so little. They greet the morning with a big stretch, a tail wag and the expectation that it is going to be a great day.  They live for squeaky toys, chasing squirrels, and tummy rubs.  They remind us that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but enjoyed, with the wind in our face, sun on our back, playing and playing some more.   Live in the moment, their wagging tails shout.  Tomorrow is not important what matters is now.  For these reasons, I am and will always be grateful for dogs.

Something to Chew On — Xuma

Ernie and I adopted Xuma in 2009, from a city shelter.  She is now approximately 8 years old, a Pit bull mix.  She is playful, friendly, and loves to soak up the sun.  She is convinced that all people, and dogs alike, are her friends.  She is our little girl.

Something to Chew On — Orson

Orson is Xuma’s loyal companion.  They look out for each other.  With age, Orson has become more of a coach than a participant when Xuma plays, cheering her on.  He is now a 11 year old Lab, who thinks he is a lap dog.  We adopted him from a rescue group in 2009.  He is our Orson Smorson.

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