Anicura Natural Products Nourish Your Dog’s Skin

Anicura deep cleansing dog shampoo is a natural skin therapy that smells great.  Not only will the shampoo clean up your dirty dog, these products help heal dry, scaly, and itchy skin.  Importantly, Anicura is free of steroids, hormones, cortisones, peroxides, alcohol, parabens, and antibiotics.  No wonder it works well.

I used Anicura on both Xuma and Orson with good results.  Their coats were soft and smelled great after their baths.   Since this is a deep cleansing shampoo, it may strip the oils on your dog’s skin, so be sure to use a conditioner as well.  In fact, you should always use a conditioner after shampoo, to restore the oils.

Bath time!

Xuma and Orson are short haired, so I did not need to use a lot of the shampoo, but more would be required for a long haired dog.  I recommend diluting the shampoo with water in a separate bottle, add a few pebbles and shake well.  The pebbles will activate the molecules in the shampoo and you will have a better result when spreading the shampoo over the entire dog.

My dogs are bathed approximately every three months, which also makes Anicura a good choice, because deep cleansing is appropriate with infrequent bathing.  If you bathe your fur babies more often, consider alternating Anicura with another product.

Anicura also makes a dog spray for chapped, flaky, dry, and itchy skin.  Orson had one spot on his front leg that he was licking often.  I admit I was not very good about remembering to apply the spray and only used it a couple of times.  So I cannot honestly say whether it helped, or whether it healed on its own.  I thought the spray would be easy to use, but it was surprisingly difficult for me to hold his paw and spray on the spot.  Orson does not like his paws touched, so I probably should not have been surprised.  If you encounter the same issue, try spraying it on a cotton ball and applying it directly to the problem area.  If you have trouble remembering to apply it, well … you are on your own.

Anicura Shampoo

Anicura provided me the shampoo and dog spray; however, I will only review and recommend a product that I have used and like, and Xuma and Orson have given a paws-up.  I recommend this product, because it is natural, works well, does not have any harsh chemicals, and it smells fabulous.

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