Fun and Durable Dog Toys from OoMaLoo

OoMaLoo dog toys have been Xuma and Orson tested and approved — they give them two paws-up! The first thing that impressed me about these toys is the squeaker.  It is not your typical squeaker; it is made from non-toxic materials exclusively for OoMaLoo.  The squeaker is larger than average, and when squeezed there is a long and noisy high-pitched squeak, followed by another when it is released.  I purchased the large hedgehog and after six weeks of play, the squeaker and toy are still intact.  Often squeakers are punctured and no longer work, but this one still squeaks!  Along with the hedgehog, Xuma and Orson also tested the candy toy and while it is still in one piece, Xuma removed the squeaker.  It is probably the difference in the shape of the candy toy that made it easier for Xuma to remove the squeaker.  They continue to play with them both.

Xuma playing with the candy shaped dog toy

Xuma playing with the candy shaped dog toy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mustafa, the founder of OoMaLoo, at the Super Zoo pet convention.  Mustafa told me that his sister hand-knit a cat toy for his two-year old son.  However, their 150 pound Anatolian Sheepdog decided the toy should be his, and tried to take it from his son.  The family laughed as the dog and boy both claimed the toy as their own, and a business was born.

Orson playing with the Hedgehog

Orson playing with the Hedgehog.

OoMaLoo toys are handmade by women in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Istanbul. Doing needlework at home is one of the few ways these women have to earn income.  OoMaLoo provides these women the opportunity to preserve their traditions, at the same time acknowledging their skills and talent.  Currently they provide jobs to 300 women.

Knitting a Toy.

Knitting a toy.

The furry portions of each toy are made of high-quality non-shedding polyester yarn, which is strong and long-lasting. Small design features and details are done in a contrasting synthetic yarn. They are durable. They are machine washable and air-dry. The large hedgehog is about 5 inches long.  Next time I will purchase one of the toys that are a bit larger, such as the sock monkey, because Xuma loves to play tug.  The sock monkey can be purchased in XL which is about 15 inches. They also have holiday themed toys — a bat for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving and a Christmas tree.  They also carry cat toys.  Check out their collection here.

Just in time for Halloween.

Just in time for Halloween.

You may have noticed that there are three toys in the first photo, but I have only talked about Xuma and Orson playing with the hedgehog and candy?  Well, the Ostrich is just too cute; I kept it for myself.  It is sitting on my desk.  I smile whenever I look at it and visualize women in Turkey sitting comfortably and chatting, while hand-knitting toys we can all enjoy.

Hedgehog after six weeks of play

Hedgehog after six weeks of play is still intact.

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