Something to chew on- Birthday pledge

Kids Are Actively Helping Pets

For his seventh birthday, instead of asking for gifts for himself, Caden asked that he receive dog and cat treats, toys, towels, collars, leashes, and bowls for the local animal shelter.  His friends and family enthusiastically gave him a generous bounty which he happily delivered to his local shelter, where it was well received. Caden was following in his older brother Ethan’s footsteps, who for two years, also opted for shelter supplies over birthday gifts for himself.  Caden’s Mom appreciates how it taught her sons that when they have a really good idea and you tell other people about it, they will step in to help, and together you can do so much more than what any of us can do alone. Sometimes so much more than you even thought possible. Picking up on this trend the Humane Society has a program where you can pledge your birthday to help animals.  This is just one way our young people are stepping up to help animals.


Something to Chew On - Shelter tailsJulia Wynne, an eighth grader, wrote “Shelter Tails” to benefit the Flathead County Animal Shelter.  The booklet includes beautiful photos and stories of dogs and cats who were adopted from shelters.  Ms. Wynne uses the opportunity to enlighten her readers of the wonderful benefits of adopting from a shelter.



Maddie volunteers at the local shelter, walking and playing with the dogs.  Lucas helps a rescue group at their weekly adoption events, talking to potential adopters and cleaning up.





SPCA has a week long summer camp for kids to teach basic care and responsibility for pets, respect for animals, and the beginnings of dog training.  My friend’s daughter has participated in this camp and it was a good hands-on learning experience.  Her age group was assigned to work with a dog, improving the dog’s skills, which makes adoption more likely.

It is heartwarming to see young people are taking positive steps to improve the lives of the animals.  There is still a lot of good in our world.

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