Meet a Dog Catcher Who Talks to Animals

How many times have you wondered what your dog is thinking?  I have done so many times, so I was excited about the opportunity to interview the legendary Dog Catcher, Pete, who talks to animals.  I first learned about Pete in “Muffy and the Dog Catcher”.  Here is what Pete told me:

Tell us about the first animal you talked to.

Pete:  Well, it all started when I was a boy growing up in the country.  I had no brothers or sisters and so I was alone a lot walking the country lanes and across the fields every day to school, and then going down to the stream after school on my bike.  I didn’t have a lot of friends my own age and I just naturally started chatting with whoever I met on the path.  One day I met an elderly badger.  He was sitting quietly on the bank watching over his grandchildren who were playing nearby.  He told me his name was Mr. Wilks and it just seemed like the most natural thing in the world to listen to him tell me stories about the forest creatures and their culture.  I went every day after school to see him for a while and then one day he didn’t come.  I waited and waited but Mr. Wilks must have passed on.  I think about him sometimes. 

Do you talk to all animals? Dogs, cats, birds, elephants?

Pete:  Oh yes I love talking to every kind of animal.  They all have a lot to say and quite different personalities.  Once when I was on holiday in Florida I was standing on a dock looking out over the Bay and I heard a loud sneeze!  I said Bless you!  And I heard a voice say ‘scuse me!  It turned out to be a big magnificent manatee with a head cold!  We had a very nice chat that day.

Has an animal ever refused to talk to you?

Pete: Yes, once I tried to have a chat with an alligator that was sunning in the middle of a lake again on that same vacation in Florida.  He was extremely rude and huffy and swam off.

What did your family say when you told them you could talk to animals?

Pete:  Well, at first they thought I’d gone loopy, but after a while it was accepted as just part of life and of who I am.  My wife thinks it’s just swell.

Do you tell just anyone that you can talk to animals?

Pete:  Oh my family are fine with it, but it’s strangers that I learned not to tell, as they can be a bit judgmental.  They look at me like I have three heads, so I started keeping it to myself more of the time.  Of course the animals never judge, they are more than happy to have a chat and tell you what they think about this and that.  I find them to be quite philosophical, you know.

Something to Chew OnI feel bad for Wise Dog, I wish I could give him a home, do you think he would like a home?

Pete:  I think it’s very kind of you to offer.  I am certain he would like you very much and probably want to come and visit, but he is a bit of a free spirit and likes living in his alley.

What did you think about Muffy when you met her?

Pete:  Oh Muffy is a real character, she is just a hoot.  She makes everyone laugh with her silly antics, but she has a heart of gold too.  I was very proud to have been able to bring her back to the farm that day and since then I have become quite good friends with the Farmers and I stop by there quite often.

Of all animals you have helped, who is your favorite and why?

Pete:  Well I think that Muffy is certainly up there in the top five, as she is such a sweet dog.  But there was once a horse named Latigo.  He had been sent away from his family because they had come upon hard times and couldn’t afford to keep him.  I’m not sure how I heard about him, but anyway, long story short, I was able to get him a marvelous job working as a police patrol horse.  And he always gives me a friendly “neigh” when I see him in town clopping along with his policeman on board.

I wish I could talk with my dogs, can you teach me how?

Pete:  Yes indeed.  It’s not so hard. It works something like this.  I go to a different place inside my head, it’s kind of an open place where there are no judgments and no decisions, things just are!  And in that place I can hear their thoughts and you can do it too.  Just mellow out and concentrate.  Let me know how it turns out.

Okay, I will try it and let you know. One last question, what should all dog catchers know?

Pete:  Oh this is such a good question, because of course you know that I am a very unusual dog catcher.  It’s because I can talk to them, so I don’t make the mistake of thinking they are dumb animals.  So that would be my advice, just look at all the animals as a different kind of being.  They might not be human beings, but they are their own kind of beings and have their own thoughts and feelings and wisdom.  I learned a lot from talking to Wise dog for instance.  He is an awesome dog.  Well, I’d better go, I have really enjoyed chatting with you and I hope to meet you again someday.

We thank Pete for his time and I’m excited to start practicing talking to my dogs.

If you could talk to animals what would you ask?

Author Devra Robitaille

About the book, “Muffy and the Dog Catcher”:

Muffy is a happy and curious Goldendoodle puppy who lives on a farm. One day she chases a silly grasshopper and gets lost. She finds herself alone and hungry, on the point of collapse, but luck is on her side and she is adopted by a wonderful family, the Gabriels, who have a very orderly and devoted pack of dogs. Muffy becomes part of her new family, and is accepted by Radar and Oliver and the gang, but she still pines for her sister, Riff, and misses the farm. One of her new friends, Wise Dog, introduces her to a very unusual Dog Catcher who has a special talent.  Muffy’s courageous journey is full of laughter and adventure as she tries to unite her two families.  You can purchase Muffy and the Dog Catcher at the Hologram Library or on Amazon.

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