“Muffy and the Dog Catcher” is an Entertaining Children’s Book

Muffy and the Dog Catcher” is an endearing children’s story about a Goldendoodle puppy, named Muffy.  She is a happy puppy who lives on a farm with her parents and older brother and sister.  Since Muffy is just a little puppy she has to stay in the backyard where she is presumably safe, while the older dogs go about the farm freely.  One day Muffy is alone and bored and she starts chasing a particularly playful grasshopper.  She gets so caught up in chasing the grasshopper that she does not realize she has followed him and somehow managed to slip through the fence.  Muffy is hopelessly lost.  Fortunately for Muffy, she happens on the Gabriel’s house, where four dogs live and she is taken in.





The best part of the story is when Muffy gets to know the Gabriel’s dogs, Radar, Jazz, Freedom, and Oliver.  Oliver shares his story with Muffy.  Oliver was born in a puppy mill.  The plight of dogs at puppy mills is told in a way that children can understand and sympathize.  Each dog has a unique personality and Muffy learns that you do not have to be from the same litter to be a loving family.

Although Muffy is quite content in her new home; she often thinks of the farm and pines for her sister, Riff.  She worries that her sister wonders what happened to her and she wants Riff to know she is okay. In steps Wise Dog and the dog catcher to help Muffy find her farm.

Usually, the phrase “dog catcher” invokes negative images of a person carting dogs off to the shelter.  However, this dog catcher is a dog whisperer.  He goes to great lengths to help each and every dog that crosses his path, including Muffy.  With the help of Wise Dog and the dog catcher the book has a happy ending with a twist.

The watercolor artwork is lovely and compliments the story well.  The bright color palette is cheerful.  I enjoyed this book and recommend it; especially because it provides the opportunity for teaching that dogs have feelings, the problems with puppy mills, why chained dogs are grouchy, and that a family is not limited to your biological siblings.  This book is recommended for children 4 to 8 years old, but older children enjoy it as well.  The book has eleven chapters; ideal for reading a chapter each day to the younger children.


The real Jazz


Author, Devra Robitaille, seeks to embed good family values and make her characters take the high road whenever they are confronted by a conflict.  Some of the characters are from Devra’s dog pack. Over the years, she has had Australian Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, a Goldendoodle or two, and a Papillion.  Muffy’s adventures continue in the second book, “Muffy’s Florida Adventure.” Devra is currently working on a third in the Muffy series, called, “Muffy and the Medicine Cat” where we meet Winter, who was much beloved by Devra’s husband.  These books are available at The Hologram Library or Amazon.

Author, Devra, with her pack.

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