Muffy Meets the Medicine Cat

Muffy’s fun adventures continue in the wonderful children’s trilogy about adorable dogs and their wonderful family.  “Muffy and the Medicine Cat” resonates with love, kindness, and respect for all.  I was given the opportunity to meet Medicine Cat at Dr. Smith’s office in Farmville. It was truly an honor, but I must admit, I really had to focus on the questions I wanted to ask Medicine Cat, as her purring and snuggles were so relaxing.  However, I did manage to ask a few questions, before I had the best afternoon nap ever, with her purring by my side. This is what she shared with me:

You told Muffy that your real name is Shi-mi, which means cat. That is a beautiful name. Can you tell me what language is Shi-mi?

Medicine Cat:  “Yes, it means cat in Tibetan. And Tibet is a beautiful place high in the Himalayan Mountains.”

Before you were bit by a spider, you lived with a healing woman. Do you miss her?

Medicine Cat:  “I miss her a lot. She taught me about herbs and plants and she taught me how to see energy. But mostly she taught me how to send out healing in my purrrrrrr.”

Medicine Cat

You seem to have a sixth sense for immediately understanding the heart of an issue. For example, you recognized immediately that Riff may be jealous and you sought to ease her jealousy. Do you credit your healing woman with learning this skill? Or did it come naturally to you?

Medicine Cat:  “What a good question, everybody can heal. We all have healing power but the trick is learning to channel it and use it wisely. And that’s what my healing mistress taught me. By the way, did you know her name was Aderynn the Healer?”


No, I did not know that is her name.  It is a lovely name.  I also like the name Winter; he must be a very handsome and large dog. What did you think of him when you first met?

Medicine Cat:  “Oh he was funny, I looked up… and up…and up… and I saw his big, slobbery grin and I knew he would be my friend. But I also knew he was sad. So I knew I had to use my healing power to make him smile.”

What is it that makes you such a successful Medicine Cat?

Medicine Cat:  “Well, that’s a very nice thing to say. I am glad you think I am a successful Medicine Cat; I mostly just go around and purr. I like to make people and animals smile. And if they smile I know I have been successful.”

You have a gift of caring for other animals; however, you are a cat.  Sometimes dogs just can’t help it — has a dog ever tried to chase you?

Medicine Cat:  “Yes, yes, yes… Sometimes the dogs say Shoo! Go away. And then I have to be very polite, but usually they let me say purrrr.”

The real Winter with the author’s husband.

What do you like best about living with Dr. Smith?

Medicine Cat:  “Dr. Smith is wonderful. He is the most healing person, he sometimes scratches my head and he calls me Nurse Cat. I get called funny things too, sometimes they call me Blue, you can guess why. I am not really blue, but I look kinda grayish-blue so they call me that. Dr. Smith treats me like he values me and that’s important. And he talks to me and I think he knows that I can understand him, and that’s important too.”

Of all the animals you have helped, who is your favorite and why?

Medicine Cat:  “There was a cockatoo named Tango, he was white with a yellow crest on his head. He was so sad, and he just hung his head down and wouldn’t sing and the vet tried everything and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. And then one day, I purred at him, he tried not to laugh, he tried to keep a straight face and I just kept purring and purring and circling around him and eventually he just couldn’t hold it in any longer and he just burst out laughing. Caw…Caw…Caw… It was a funny sound, and Dr. Smith came running in and said, “Nurse Cat’s fixed him, Nurse Cat healed Tango!” But I just made him laugh. That was my favorite.”

What is the best thing a human can do for a cat?

Medicine Cat:  “We have a reputation of being aloof or standoffish or even maybe just plain rude. There is a joke about that, when a human says to a dog “Come!” the dog runs over and looks up with love saying, “What do you want master?” but when a human says to a cat, “Come!” the cat will roll his eyes and say, “Why should I? What’s in it for me?” But that’s not really how it is. We are not moody, it’s just that sometimes we like to think or meditate or ruminate…purrrrrr. So the best thing a human can do is just understand and sometimes leave us alone, we always love you.”

It was such a pleasure speaking to and then napping with Medicine Cat.  I do hope we will see her again in Muffy’s adventures. “Muffy and the Medicine Cat” is available at Hologram Library or Amazon.


Devra Robitaille

About the Author: 

London-born Devra is a prolific composer, songwriter and keyboardist, as well as an author of books for kids.  She had a successful career as a professional musician in England, playing keyboards and touring with Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame, before moving to America in the nineties.  All through the nineties she directed musicals and theatrical productions in Los Angeles. Devra now lives in Florida with her family on the Sarasota Bay. She loves to kayak and bike and is a consummate foodie, baking lovely cakes and deserts.

Devra has written five books, the three books in The Muffy Series a trilogy of funny and heartwarming chapter books for children, book one Muffy and the Dog Catcher, book two Muffy’s Florida Adventure, and book three Muffy and the Medicine Cat. And for older readers, The Efficiency Claus, a rollicking Christmas Tale featuring reindeer, elves and cake, as the workers at Santa’s compound fight to free Christmas from Santa’s tyrannical chief of staff, and The Dream Stealers a fantasy space adventure. 

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