Tail Wagging Tips – The Microchip

Your dog should have a registered microchip. Collars and tags are great and necessary; but think of the microchip as a safety net in the event the collar and tags get lost.  The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted by a needle in the back of the dog’s neck.  It feels like a pinch.  Once the microchip is implanted you must register the microchip.  Most likely the Veterinarian, rescue group, or shelter did not register the microchip for you. That is your job.  Do not assume that it was done by someone else, because an unregistered microchip is the equivalent of no microchip.  Ask your Veterinarian for a recommendation on where to register the microchip.  Consider registering the microchip with more than one registry, there are several online, and some are free.   When you move or change phone numbers, be sure to update your information with the registry.  Although it is unlikely, over time the microchip could migrate, so when you get your dog’s annual vaccinations, ask your Veterinarian to use their wand to read the microchip; make sure it has not moved and the information is correct.  These easy steps will greatly increase your chances of being reunited with your dog.

On the run!
By Anna Goroshnikova

Tail wagging tips are quick tips intended to keep our dogs happy and tails wagging.  If you have any tips to share or would like to see a tip on a particular subject, please let me know.  I would be happy to hear from you.

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