The Revitalization Project for Los Angeles Animal Shelters is Moving Forward

The painting has begun at Portraits of Hope!  Colorful dogs, cats, bunnies, bones, and flowers are being painted for installation in Los Angeles County animal shelters. Portraits of Hope reports that this past weekend session rocked!  There were more than 255 participants ranging in age from 7 to 93 years old.  Portraits of Hope hosts public sessions for painting at their El Segundo facility on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week they have formal painting workshops for hospitals and schools. If you are interested in painting, for more details go to Portraits of Hope Face Book page or sign up for their newsletter.

Dog with Warm Colors

Dog with Warm Colors

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernie Massey and Ed Massey, Founders of Portraits of Hope, when I painted on Saturday.  They are passionate about this initiative and it shows in the level of detail and quality of the artwork.  On Saturday we used a cool color scheme.  On Sunday they used a warm color scheme.  Narrowing it to one color scheme makes it easier for a non-artist like me to paint something that looks good.

Flower was Good Place to Begin

Flower was Good Place to Begin

I started with a flower, keeping it simple.  Painting the colorful artwork is fun and surprisingly relaxing.  There is such a good energy in the room; a low buzz as people are chatting, painting, and music I found myself humming too.  Quality does matter, but if they wanted it to be perfect, as volunteer Carol, pointed out to me, they would just have them printed.  Portrait of Hope’s goal is to involve people to paint the artwork that will improve the community.  Children are welcome, but they must be 7 years old to participate and must be accompanied by an adult.


Painting on Saturday


Currently Portraits of Hope is working on the art pieces for installation inside the shelter.  Later this year, they will also paint large panels to install outside the shelters.  They plan to begin the installations early in 2017.

In the next few weeks and in connection with the Portraits of Hope initiative, the LA County shelters will bring dogs to Plaza El Segundo with the hope that the dogs will be adopted. Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control will coordinate with Plaza El Segundo to find a location next to the studio, while Portraits of Hope is in session, so people can enjoy the session and get to know the dogs and take one home! The date will be posted as soon as it is available.

Friend Mary with Finished Piece

Friend Mary with Finished Piece


Portraits of Hope will also soon announce that schools, hospitals, and social service programs can begin to sign up for the formal, Monday through Friday, sessions.  They have already received dozens of inquiries and will try to involve any interested program as best as they can. These sessions will begin right away, so pass this on please.


Painted by an Artist

Portraits of Hope Cat

Portraits of Hope began the animal shelter revitalization in Los Angeles County, not only because it is their home base, but because of the large number of animals, 80,000, that go through the system.  There is a great need to do everything possible to find homes for these pets and Portraits of Hope revitalization with art will help.  Portraits of Hope anticipate that each individual shelter will involve between 1,000 – 2,000 participants and they expect to add more shelters and cities in the future.

Bunny Painted by an Artist

Portraits of Hope Rabbit

Fortunately, Maddie’s Fund, one of the nation’s premier foundations in the animal welfare sector, has joined Portraits of Hope with this initiative. The support of Maddie’s Fund further validates what Portraits of Hope anticipates will be one of their best initiatives ever.  Portraits of Hope projects are privately funded and thousands of children and adults — many dealing with significant life challenges — have the opportunity to participate in the educational, creative therapy, public art, and community sessions thanks to the generosity and civic spirit of others able and motivated to contribute positively to our communities. So if you care about saving companion animals, you care about providing kids in schools and hospitals with a most positive experience, or you care about adding a little more color to this world, visit Portraits of Hope Face Book page and like their page, go to their website and sign up for their newsletter, donate, or volunteer.  I had fun painting and look forward to doing it again.


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